The Nebesys team

Přemysl Kokeš
Head of the Board of Directors/CTO

He is the pioneer of the NEBESYS™ system. His construction solutions produced the first and second versions, and together with the NEBESYS team he also created the version 2.5. Kokeš is an experienced architect and designer who has received many awards during 20 years after his graduation from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. He is not satisfied with average results. He always seeks first-rate and thought-out solutions, elaborated to the greatest detail. Kokeš is an unflagging visionary, innovator, and leader of the projects NEBESYS as well as Amplla, Urbiter, and others. He always aims at a conceptual, processing, and systemic attitude when seeking radically innovative solutions that are often revolutionary. Yet, he is very analytical and modest regarding the knowledge he has gained and draws upon.

Zuzana Ambrožová
Creative Director

She is the spiritual mother of the NEBESYS™ system. Together with Přemysl Kokeš, she not only coined the system but also imparted to it its unique ethos. She is responsible for the external presentation of the NEBESYS Company and system, i.e. for the visual and ethical values. She is a landscape architect and a long-term academic worker. She gave lectures all over the world and was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship at the University of Berkeley in California, USA. She is behind the successful marketing start of the Amplla Company, and together with Přemysl Kokeš, she actively participates in other projects.

Pavel Janyška

He is the executive director of the company Nebesys a.s. He directs the entire process from the company’s establishment to its entry into the market. He is a long-term experienced manager who directed the management and supervision processes over large building projects, first in big companies and later in his own Patrida Company that he left for the NEBESYS project. Now, he is solely dedicated to building this epoch-making project. His experience brings the management and controlling systems to the company.

Jaroslav Nesiba

He is the business director of the company Nebesys a.s. He develops its business strategy and the market entry strategy. He is a long-term businessman with experience from a transnational company. He also has technical experiences and constructive thinking that he applies during his business negotiations.